An Affair to Remember

My Holiday with Martha Stewart.

I’ve been in a loyal and loving relationship for almost a year now… with the Sono Baking Company Cookbook. I have yet to bake something insanely delicious and special occasion worthy. We’ve had a good run, but I think we’ve just gotten to know each other too well. I can literally spit out the page number and recipe of almost every recipe.

Luckily, right as we were headed back into the “friend zone”, Martha Stewart dropped by. I was hunting through our pantry the other day and found two copies of the SAME Martha Stewart’s Cookies Cookbook. I figured if we had two of them it must be a sign.

My only problem with Martha’s recipes is that they always look SO delicious, but 70% of the time they don’t turn out like the picture. They’re sometimes complicated or use overly sensitive ingredients…. But they look SO good. So I’m going to give Martha Stewart’s Cookies Cookbook a try. Over the next month, in preparation for the Holidays I’m going to start baking my way through Martha’s cookbook and hopefully uncover some new favorites.

This way you all can know which recipes really work and which ones are deceivingly difficult. Plus this is an excuse for me bake way too many cookies!


Categories: Cookies


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