Jelly Filled Meltaway Thumbprint Cookies

There are three secret family recipes my mom told me to never to share on my blog.

1. Her meatball recipe. I don’t even know her meatball recipe.

2. Crostini (Its this amazing cheesy spread with green onion and bacon you melt over toasted baguette slices YUM)

3. And….Jam Meltaway Thumbprint Cookies.


We’ve been making these for the Holidays for as long as I can remember. Our family friends do this thing every Christmas where we all swap cookie plates of our favorite homemade cookies. Everyone is always dying waiting for these to come around.

These butter cookies are deliciously soft and delicate; little yummy pillows of sugary goodness topped with a sweet taste of tart strawberry jam.

And as if these couldn’t get any better….they’re also probably the easiest cookies I’ve ever made. They’re so simple; just creamed butter and sugar with some egg and flour. Roll and top with jam and done!

Just be careful. These are addicting. One is never enough. Neither is two… or three..

Jelly Filled Meltaways


– 2 sticks of butter

– 1/2 cup sugar

– 1 egg yolk

– 2 cups presifted unbleached flour

-preserves of your choice ( I like strawberry or apricot)

-confectioners’ sugar


1. Preheat over to 350 degrees

2. Cream butter. Add sugar and beat until fluffy.

3. Add egg yolk and flour. Mix well.

4. Form dough into small balls. Indent center of cookie and fill with preserves Bake for 10-12 minutes.

5. Cool 5 minutes. Sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar

Adapted from Noteworthy


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12 Comments on “Jelly Filled Meltaway Thumbprint Cookies”

  1. December 12, 2011 at 1:57 am #

    One of my favorite Christmas cookies!

    • Kristina
      December 13, 2011 at 12:23 am #

      Mine too! I always make a double batch of these on Christmas Eve

  2. December 12, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    are you freezing all these cookies ahead of time? or are these all practice batches for the real christmas plates?

    • Kristina
      December 12, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

      Hi! You could freeze them if you wanted but they’re so quick to make I always just do it the day I need them or the day before. So nope, these are all practice batches or for holiday parties I’ve had going on. Between neighborhood kids and holiday get togethers I’ve had more than enough mouths to feed!

  3. Suzy Miron
    December 17, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    I am going try them, my daughter and I are baking today and this is a new one for us to try! Thank you!

    • Kristina
      December 17, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

      Hi Suzy-

      I’m so glad you’re going to try them! These really are one of my favorites! Let me know how it goes!

      • Suzy
        December 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

        Kristina, I am making them right now and they look delicious! Can’t wait for them to cool so I can try one. Have you ever thought of adding almond extract to them? I put almond in almost everything, my rolled sugar cookies and the icing I make for them.

      • Suzy
        December 18, 2011 at 11:49 pm #

        They turned out great, thank you for sharing, my family loved them.

      • Kristina
        December 19, 2011 at 1:05 am #

        Hi Suzy!

        I’m so happy you and your family liked them! I haven’t thought about adding almond extract to these, but I’m sure they’d be delicious with it! I love almond extract, I use it in my chewy sugar cookie recipe and they’re really good. Its such a good flavor! Thanks for the idea 🙂


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